Our Process

Financial planning is providing high quality advice to valued clients who have engaged in the process and understand it’s value. It is an ongoing process, not a one-off event and should be monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that the plan stays on track to deliver your objectives.




Before we offer any solutions, we must first understand your circumstances, needs and objectives, not just as they are now, but as they may be in the future. This is done during a "factfinding" meeting where we will go through your current financial arrangements with you to understand where you at now. This will include discussions about risk and reward and your capacity for loss. We will also discuss and try to quantify your financial position and needs in the future.


Having gathered the information we will then analyse it to fully understand your current position and option. Only once we have done this can we start to formulate a strategy for/with you.


Once we know where we are at and where we want to be in the future, we can start to investigate and research solutions to the needs identified. Before making a specific recommendation we will conduct extensive research to determine the most appropriate product and provider to match your needs. As independent financial advisers our research will encompass the whole market to identify the best solutions for you. Only then can we be confident we have offered you our best recommendation.


The solutions identified will then be put into a written report outlining your current circumstances, objectives, alternatives/options and our recommended solution for you. We will meet again to go through our recommendations and answer any questions you have.


Assuming that you are happy with our recommendations, we can then begin to implement the financial plan for you. This usually involves filling in paperwork and liaising with providers to ensure that the plan is implemented correctly.


This is usually done on an annual basis but can be more often if required/requested. This is effectively repeating the earlier steps to make sure that the objective remains clearly in sight and that the plan we have put in place is performing as expected. This may also involve adjusting the plan to take account of the changes in your circumstances, objectives or the financial markets.

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